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Lead Gen 1-Pager Dashboard

Lead Gen 1-Pager Dashboard

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Monthly Recurring

Automate your Lead Gen dashboard and get a real-time view on performance with our Lead Gen 1-Pager Dashboard (click to view a free live demo).

This automated dashboard will provide you and your team with a top-line view across all key metrics, including:

  • Conversion Rate %
  • Conversions

Across Channels, Demographics, Devices, Audiences, Campaigns, Ad Groups,Landing Pages,  Items and Keywords, for your selected date range, simply select the date range you want to analyse in the top right-hand side of the report.

Your data will be available at any time, from anywhere in the world, at a click of a button (or tap, from your mobile or tablet device).

Perfect for:

  • Checking your daily performance across KPI
  • Weekly performance updates 
  • Monthly reporting

Never create another boring report again with our CRO 1-Pager Dashboard.

All key metrics and data points are displayed on an easy-to-read 1-page dashboard that can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF and sent as an email to anyone, at any time.

Our reports and dashboards have been expertly designed and curated for busy digital marketers that need results, fast.

With just a glance, your automatically updated dashboard will provide you with an easy-to-view (and understand) analysis of your business’s performance, trajectory and potential opportunities, enabling you to make quick, informed, data-driven decisions in a matter of seconds.

Data sets included in dashboard:

  • Conversion rate by hour- Today vs. Yesterday vs Last 30 Days
  • Conversion rate by hour and day of week
  • Conversion rate by channel
  • Conversion rate and revenue by channel, age and gender
  • Conversion rate and revenue ranking by location
  • User Journey Conversion Funnel
  • Conversion rate last 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months
  • Best and Worst converting google keywords
  • Conversion rate by campaign
  • Conversion rate by landing pages
  • Conversion rate by product category
  • Conversion rate by age, gender and device

View a live demo of this dashboard here for free.

Upon purchase, you will receive:

  • A signed NDA and copy of your order receipt
  • An e-mail requesting access to all required data sources
  • Secure login details and a link to the report within 24 hours once data access has been provided
  • An instruction video explaining how to use and read the report
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